Saturday, December 29, 2012

tr1pl3ck Hack 10:26:00 PM ,
  • All Dance Normal + Stune No Key
  • Triky Battle Arrow ↓ all
  • Bomber Dance All Arrow ←
  • BeatCombo All 1 Key
  • Disable All Hack with Hotkey (CTRL+0)
  • Do not run the hack before performing dance, Beat Combo, Tricks Battle, BomberDance, to avoid Bug Collector  

 Link Download "exceed the limits" (if you want to use this cheat please send your email in the comments below)

*If there is criticism, suggestions, or questions about the hack HS5 please use the comment form 

Description: Hack Highstreet5 Version 0.02 [Deactivate]
Reviewer: tr1pl3ck Hack
Rating: 4.0
ItemReviewed: Hack Highstreet5 Version 0.02 [Deactivate]

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